Twelve Patients: A Book Review

  • Sarah Livermore University of San Diego
Keywords: Bellevue, City Hospitals, Emigrants and Immigrants, Hospital Administrators, Hospital Nursing Staff, Immigrants, Immigrant Health, Infectious Disease, National Health Policy, Psychiatric Hospitals, Urban Hospital


Twelve Patients weaves the stories of twelve patients to tell the geopolitical stories of Americans, both those born here and elsewhere.  At the epicenter of immigration, New York City and Bellevue Hospital serves as a testament to public health in America over the past century.  It mirrors the challenges new immigrants have, by documenting their health challenges.  Amidst these case studies, Dr. Eric Manheimer offers geopolitical commentary on mental health in America, Latin American geopolitical issues, palliative care, and international infectious disease.   He is a clinical professor of medicine at the New York University School of Medicine, and served as the medical director at Bellevue Hospital for fourteen years.  Fifteen years of handwritten journals of thoughts, incidents, ideas, case studies and conversations culminated into these twelve chapters, focusing on twelve patients.

Author Biography

Sarah Livermore, University of San Diego
Doctoral Student


Manheimer, E. (2012). Twelve Patients. New York: Grand Central Publishing.

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