Prevalence of Vaginitis in Children and Adolescents of Les Cayes, Haiti

  • Anne Marie Berthe Leveille-Tulce Medgar Evers College
Keywords: Vaginitis, Haiti, Adolescents, Children


Data on the prevalence of vaginitis in children from the third largest city in Haiti indicate that nurses and other health care professionals, especially those providing care in Haiti, need to accurately diagnose, prevent, and treat vaginitis in children.  Vaginitis can have serious complications yet there are no national data regarding the prevalence of vaginitis in Haitian children and probably not in other countries with similar problems.  This paper provides data from Les Cayes, Haiti.  Signs, symptoms, risk factors, methods for diagnoses, and possible complications of vaginitis are reviewed.  Recommendations for prevention and treatment are provided. To successfully prevent and treat vaginitis, a holistic call to action includes the involvement of nurses and other health care professionals, the media, and government officials that encompasses education, appropriate medications, maintenance of follow up appointments, and continuity of treatment.


Author Biography

Anne Marie Berthe Leveille-Tulce, Medgar Evers College
Assistant Professor Department of Nursing


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