Announcement of new journal and call for submission of papers: International Journal of Nursing (IJN)


I am pleased to announce the formation ofInternational Journal of Nursing (IJN), a new OPEN ACCESS, Internet-only journal, accessible to all Nurses and Nursing Students. OPEN ACCESS means that anyone in the world with access to the Internet can visit the website, view the journal, obtain its papers, its editorials, and comments for FREE!

International Journal of Nursing will serve approximately 35,00,00,000  nurses around the world. It will potentially have the largest circulation of any nursing journal. IJNwill have the same editorial policy and principally the same Editorial Board as I established and upheld as Editor-in-Chief. IJNwill accept papers on all Clinical speciality and other clinical and basic nursing sciences with topics of interest to our audience. It will have editorial comments about controversies, the principles of medical and nursing practice, socio-economics, politics, ethics, and science, as were expressed in the past.

In addition to accepting research papers from all over the world,IJNwill have an advanced educational website for nurses, with content provided by the and its members under. This content, as well as downloads of papers, will be available at no charge. For those nurses and nursing students who cannot afford a journal, cannot access one easily, or cannot go to meetings, International Journal of Nursingwill be their source of information.

International Journal of Nursing wants to involve nurses, particularly the young nurses who have a difficult time for gaining recognition in many countries around the world.IJNwill have new and innovative Clinical Decision Support sites for real time use by nurses in clinical cases they see every day.IJNwill also have the latest social networking sites and individual communication options so everyone can access the journal anywhere, any time. It will be twenty-first century education.

For those who are interested, they can receive notices of new papers being published each month. When papers are accepted, they will be published within days rather than weeks or months. All papers will be searchable through PubMed Central, a division of PubMed, and will be searchable on PubMed and other commonly-used databases.

You can access our new Web site This site includes a link for authors to submit their new manuscripts, and is also the Web site to use to access the educational content, which will be operational soon. This Web site will have other features we are developing to help you exchange information with your colleagues about challenging cases, an imaging site for interesting cases, chat rooms, etc. If you would like to receive Table of Contents through e-mails or RSS alerts, please access the Web site and follow the instructions under "Staying in touch with the journal."

If you are interested in becoming involved with the journal,IJN, in any of its aspects, please let me know at

We hope that nurses everywhere will enjoy this new publication. This is your journal, and we are open to any ideas you have to make it beneficial to you and to your practice. We would be delighted if you would share this information with your colleagues